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If you’re an avid listener of Dana Loesch’s conservative talk show The Dana Show then you’ve undoubtedly heard an advertisement about the popular superfood product SuperBeets.  SuperBeets is a superfood supplement that increases your nitric oxide levels which provides a whole host of benefits for the body.  You only take 1 teaspoon daily mixed with 4-6 ounces of water which is equivalent to drinking a half-liter bottle of Beet Juice.

www.getsuperbeets.comGet SuperBeets Free

Just for The Dana Show audience listeners can visit www.getsuperbeets.com and take advantage of an exclusive deal that where you can buy 2 SuperBeets canisters and receive a 3rd canister free.  Along with receiving a free canister there are other freebies included which are:  Beet The Odds book, Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips, and shipping & processing.

The entire package deal is priced at $79.90 if you decide to go with the buy 2 get 1 free offer but there are other offers available for new customers.  New customers who are already familiar with SuperBeets can buy 4 canisters and get 2 free including the extras for $149.90.  For customers who simply want to purchase just 1 canister, the price is $39.95.

HumanN also offers Superbeets on Amazon.com as well as other beet performance enhancing products.  Customers can purchase one canister there while taking advantage of the information provided by reviewers in reference to the product.  You can read the reviews and purchase the product here.

SuperBeets Supplement


The SuperBeets supplement is made by Neogenis Labs which has recently changed their name to HumanN.  The labeling of SuperBeets is now HumanN Superbeets the Circulation Superfood.  The company grows and harvests their own beets to ensure each beet is produced with the highest quality and highest potency of nitrates.

The beets are gluten-free and are non-GMO made right here in the USA.  When customers purchase a canister of SuperBeets they can be sure they are investing in an American manufacturer.

get superbeets

Each canister of SuperBeets contains 30 five gram servings of beetroot crystals in a concentrated powder form that should last approximately a month.  One serving is equivalent to 5 grams.  It is taken with water or mixed with your favorite beverage/smoothie daily.  If you’re an athlete you may consider taking an additional scoop per day.

Visit Amazon.com to learn more about the superfood products offered by HumanN.  They have an online catalog of beet performance enhancing products centered around increasing nitric oxide in your body.  Visit Amazon and view their popular products here.

Super Beets Nitric Oxide Benefits

Because beets have a high content of nitrates when they are consumed they assist the body in producing nitric oxide which has a host of benefits for the body.  Nitric oxide will improve your blood circulation, regulate healthy blood pressure levels, boost your overall energy and stamina, etc.  For athletes when SuperBeets is taken before a workout you will experience more stamina and endurance throughout your workout.

The product is designed for anyone who is looking for a boost of energy that you can begin to feel after your first shot and that will last throughout the day.  It’s safer than drinking coffee which is loaded with caffeine but customers who use the product says it provides the same pick me up as coffee does which is a great replacement.

Neogenis Labs offers a variety of beet related products at their website and on Amazon.com.  Visitors should read the reviews of their products left by previous customers at Amazon before purchasing.

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