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Thom Hartmann's SuperBeets Radio Exclusive Offer
Thom Hartmann’s SuperBeets Radio Exclusive Offer

If you are a frequent listener of the Thom Hartmann Radio Show then you’ve surely heard him endorse the product SuperBeets The Circulation SuperFood.  There is a website setup for his listeners at www.thomsbeets.com where they can take advantage of the exclusive offer to receive 1 free canister of SuperBeets after they first purchase 2 Canisters.  The deal comes with free shipping along with a free Beet The Odds book.  The entire price of the offer is $79.90.

The SuperBeets offer also comes in an brand new flavor, Black Cherry which many customers enjoy the taste and flavor.  By buying from the online website customers will receive a 90 day money back guarantee that allows you to try the product for 90 days and if you’re unhappy with the results just send the product back and receive a complete refund on your purchase.  Customers can also purchase one canister of Black Cherry SuperBeets if they just want to try it.  Consider comparing prices for 1 canister with Amazon.com which may be cheaper.

What Purpose Does Beets Serve?

When considering the purpose of beets to the body you need to understand the beets are comprised of nitrates which when consumed turns into nitric oxide which has a host of benefits.  An increase in nitric oxide enhances blood circulation throughout the entire body which reduces inflammation, boosts energy, enhances endurance, improves mental clarity, blood pressure goes down, etc.  Beets are known to have the highest concentration of nitrates than other vegetables.

Neogenis Labs SuperBeets Review

Neogenis Labs is the company behind SuperBeets.  They produce and harvest beets ensuring their beets have the highest concentration of dietary nitrates.  When taking the product you only need 1 teaspoon a day to receive your daily recommendations.  One dose of SuperBeets is equal to 3 non-GMO beets or the equivalent of a half-liter bottle of beet juice.  SuperBeets is a powdered product that you add to your favorite smoothie or just plain water and drink.

One teaspoon or 1 shot of SuperBeets in the morning is all you need to get going because it provides a definite boost of energy, replacing your need for a morning cup of coffee.  It is also used by athletes prior to their workout session to give them more stamina and endurance.

Neogenis Labs has many of their products on Amazon.com for customers to purchase.  Read the customer reviews of their SuperBeets products and see what customers have to say.

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