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Patients that received an Intermedix Bill in the mail can make a payment online at www.intermedix.com/billpay.  The online Patient Portal is free to use and available for users to submit a payment anytime.  Payments can be processed within a few seconds once logging in.

How to Use Intermedix BillPay

Users that visit the Patient Portal will see how easy it is to use the website.  To access the Intermedix login you will need to enter your 8 digit account number and 5 digit zip code.  The account number is found on your billing invoice that you received in the mail. After entering in this info select Submit and go to the next screen.

The next screen of the sign on process is your dashboard that has all of your account billing information.  You will notice across the left top of the screen the name of the creditor that is owed money along with options to print out a payment coupon, and update your insurance.

You will also see your account overview which provides the same information that is on your invoice.  You will see the patient’s name, service date, account number, total charges, etc. Be sure the info is accurate and reflects what’s on your actual billing invoice.

Intermedix Bill Pay Payment Options

Patients have the option to pay their bill by check or by credit card.  If you have your bill there should be a link that identifies where you can pay online using a credit card or echeck.  The other option is to send your payment in the form of a check in the mail. The correct address for mailing payment can be found on your invoice or by selecting the Payment Coupon tab on your dashboard.

The Payment Coupon section will identify the correct address where to make checks payable to.  If you have misplaced your old invoice/coupon you can print out a payment coupon from your dashboard.

Contact Customer Service

Any questions users may have about their bill can be directed to customer service using the Intermedix billing phone number at 1-888-987-0715 or email info@intermedix.com.  Users should expect the email option will take possibly 2 days for a response so you will need to be patient.  



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