www.reflexcardinfo.com – Access Your Reflex Credit Card

Consumers with a Reflex Mastercard can utilize the Reflex credit card login at www.reflexcardinfo.com to check their credit card balance, view statements, and make online payments.

If you’re a Reflex Mastercard cardholder that has registered for an online account you can take advantage of the 24/7 online banking feature via the CFC Card Info website serviced by Continental Finance Company.  The site is free to use for all registered users and can be accessed from your desktop computer or any mobile device that has a web browser and internet service.

How to Register Your Reflexcardinfo Account

For cardholders that have not registered their Reflex credit card for online service they can simply visit follow these few steps to getting the card enrolled in the online service.


enter the following details:

  • last 4 digits of your credit card
  • last 4 digits of your social security number
  • 5 digit zip code
  • click the Lookup Account button

Continue on with the registration process which will require creating your username and password.

Once you’ve logged in to your Reflex credit card account there are a number of features available to you that will conveniently allow you to manage your account with ease.  The reflexcardinfo.com site is a secure site that is free to all cardholders allowing you to view all of your credit card information and transactions online, view your account summary, make monthly payments, and make changes to your personal profile info.

How to Make Reflex Card Payment Online

Making online payments is very easy for Reflex cardholders as they can pay their monthly credit card bill from their online account – reflexcardinfo.com via their bank checking account.  You will need to store your personal bank checking account information inside your account, this consists of your bank routing number and your checking account number.

When it’s time to make your scheduled monthly payment just select how much you want to pay and pay via automatic bank draft from your checking account.  You can also setup recurring payments on a specific day each month to automatically pay your bill which is even more convenient.

Consumers that don’t prefer to pay their bill at reflexcardinfo can use several other payment options including mailing in their payment.  The address for mailing in your payment is:

Continental Finance Company

PO Box 31292

Tampa, FL  33631-3292

There is also the option to pay via telephone, Western Union, or Moneygram but you will incur an additional charge when using these services.  Remember making payments from your online account is free so consider that when you use these other options.

How to Receive Your Reflexcardinfo Billing Statements

To get the full use of Online Banking Reflex cardholders should take advantage of the E-statement feature that will allow you to receive your billing statement online versus receiving a paper statement.  When your statement is ready at reflexcardinfo.com you will be notified and you can simply login to your account and view it.

E-statements are a better alternative to paper statements as you’re helping out the environment by saving on paper and you can view your statements digitally from any device that will allow you access to your Reflex credit card login including while on the go.

Each billing statement will include your account summary information, monthly transaction activity for the current and 2 previous billing cycles, and view your transaction activity since your last paper statement was issued.  You will receive the same information that is shown on a paper statement.



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