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MyVanilla Reloadable Prepaid VISA cardholders can manage their spending online at (  The site allows users to securely login to their account and review their purchases and transactions in real time.  Not only is their account accessible online but users can also download the MyVanilla app and have quick access to their account via their smart phones and mobile devices while on the go.


For new MyVanilla cardholders who recently received a card they can visit my vanilla card sign in and activate their card to begin using.  There is an activate feature for starters which consists of cardholders registering for an online account.  Once you’ve completed the online registration process the activation process is included.  You will need to create your login credentials so you can access your myvanilla prepaid visa card account from your home computer or mobile devices.

Once logged in to your online account users will be able to setup direct deposit if they want to have their paychecks sent to their card.  There are no fees associated with the direct deposit feature and users will find it easy to use and a huge convenience.  Not only can employer paychecks be loaded onto your card but also government benefits or tax refunds.

MyVanilla Debit Card Login

Other features of having a myvanilla debit card account online are the use of account alerts, card to card transfers, bill payment, etc.  Visitors interested in receiving a MyVanilla Debit or MasterCard can have a card sent to their mailing address by signing up at (  You will need to enter your name, address, date of birth, social security number, email address, and create a 4 digit PIN number.

Cardholders can use their card to pay their bills online.  Inside their account is a Biller Directory that lists thousands of merchants that participate within the Biller Directory allowing cardholders to make their monthly payments via their account.  There is no need to write out a check and mail your bills out but instead use the bill payment feature and pay all of your bills online.

This is an easy process and your payments are posted instantly to your account.  There are no delays or worrying about missing your payment due date, cardholders can utilize the automatic payment feature to schedule a day each month to pay their various bills such as electric, credit card, cell phone, etc.

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