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If you’ve never thought about getting a robotic vacuum maybe you’ve changed your mind after seeing the Samsung POWERbot As Seen On TV commercial with product advertised at www.samsungpowerbot.com.

Samsung Powerbot Vacuum As Seen On TV

Most people vacuum the old fashioned way of pulling out their upright vacuum and spending 30 minutes or so going from room to room in their home cleaning.  Have you ever considered upgrading to a robot vacuum that will do all of your carpet and hard surface floor cleaning for you?  The Samsung POWERbot Wi-Fi Cleaning Robot Vacuum is the next generation vacuum cleaner that does all the work for you so you can do more important things.

Everything has already been thought out with this vacuum and all you need to do is press a button on your smartphone to start the Samsung robot to operating and cleaning your entire home.  At Amazon.com the Samsung POWERbot VR9000 is a reputable vacuum that has nearly 70 customer reviews and has a customer rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.  Click for Samsung POWERbot best online pricing.

Samsung POWERbot Wi-Fi Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Samsung POWERbot Wi-Fi Vacuum Cleaner Review

TV Offer:  For a limited time customers can receive $200 off the regular price of the vacuum which includes free shipping.  It also comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.  You will receive the Samsung Floor Cleaning Vacuum and remote control with batteries.

Wi-Fi:  The Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can be controlled and scheduled for vacuuming using the free app that you install to your smartphone or mobile device.  It works via Wi-Fi and can be controlled at home or a work.

Suction Power:  Has the same technology as upright vacuums and uses a 12 inch powered brush.  While cleaning corners the suction power increases 3 times for maximum cleaning to ensure dirt in corners is picked up.  Suction power is evenly distributed across the 12 inch ComboBrush.

CycloneForce:  CycloneForce Separation System which generates strong centrifugal force. This spiral action separates larger dirt and debris into an outer holding chamber helping to maintain long- lasting suction power and reduce filter clogging.

  • Designed to remove carpet dirt with less clogging
  • Maintains longer maximum suction power for a consistent deep clean
  • Washable filter – convenient cost effective and easy maintenance
  • Large, transparent 0.7 liter dustbin – see when it’s full – designed to keep dirt trapped inside until you’re ready to empty it.

Floor Surfaces:  Will transition cleaning from carpets to hard surface floors, will clean your entire house.

Pet Hair:  easily and automatically picks up pet hair and litter by vacuuming daily.

Full View Sensor:  intuitively senses and navigates around chair legs, toys, shoes, pets, or anything else.

Automatic Room to room cleaning:  go from room to room cleaning as long as you leave the doors open

Automatic Returns to Charger after cleaning:  returns to home base at the end of cleaning cycle to recharge – cleans up to 1500 square feet on a single charge in about 1 hour

Automatically Recharges when battery low:  senses when battery low and returns back to charging station, then after charging resumes cleaning where it left off.

6 cleaning modes:  Auto Clean (daily cleaning), Spot Clean (clean a particular spot), Max Clean (runs continuously until it runs out), silent mode (lowers the noise), manual mode (use the remote to manually clean), schedule mode (set up a time for cleaning).

If you are a busy person and have a lot of things to do when you get home vacuuming can be done now automatically with the Samsung Robot the can be found online at www.samsungpowerbot.com or by visiting the Samsung Amazon product page.  Click for Powerbot Vacuum best pricing.  Compare both sites for the best pricing and with Amazon Prime members you can receive the product within 2 days.

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