Big Y Employee Self Service Access

Big Y employee’s can utilize the Employee Self Service web portal to securely and conveniently access their work schedule, make requests concerning time off, review their pay information, communicate with management, and more.  The site empowers employees to have the ability to manage their schedule from their home computer or through their mobile devices.  Through the internet they can monitor their employee information 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Employee Self Service Center can be found at the web address  The site directs employees to information about their work schedule and paystubs independently.  A selection can be made and you will be directed to a login screen to enter your login credentials.  If you are not aware of your login information please speak to someone in your Human Resources department.

New employees who may not be familiar with ESS can learn more about all the functions it provide by accessing the Big Y Learning Hub.  The Big Y Learning Hub is the initial location where new hires can learn everything they need to know about the company and how to operate and maneuver around the ESS.  Take the time to visit the site and review all the material there so you can have a proper understanding of not only the ESS but company employee policies.




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