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MyVanilla customers can utilize the My Vanilla Debit Card Login to access their prepaid debit card account online at www.myvanilladebit.com.  The online site is a free service to customers and available to them 24 hours a day.

myvanilla debit card login

My Vanilla Debit Card Login

Logging in to your MyVanilla card sign in account is a simple process only requiring you to enter your Username and Password.  Prior to signing on to your account you should’ve already activated your My Vanilla prepaid visa card and setup your online account including your login credentials.  Enter your login credentials and select “Sign In.”

Once logged in to your account you’ll have secure access to all of your account information including your account balance, direct deposit info, personal profile details, recent/past transactions, transaction history, bill pay option, text alert creation feature, etc.

My Vanilla Debit

Cardholders can also access their account via the MyVanilla Mobile App.  The app can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet devices.  This is also a free service and even more convenient for cardholders as they don’t have to constantly type in to their browser the My Vanilla login page to access their account.  They can receive the same information from the mobile app by simply clicking the app.

The app allows users to perform many of the same functions via their smartphone or tablet.  It’s a faster way to keep up with your account and stay on top of your transactions.  The Text Alert feature is another helpful option for users that will keep them alert on account balances and transactions.

MyVanilla Reloadable Card Features

Free direct deposit:  Cardholders can have their paycheck deposited to their MyVanilla prepaid visa card account and forgo receiving a paper check.  Any other direct deposits such as tax refunds, student financial aid, and government benefits can also be deposited.  This feature allows you faster access to your funds than a paper check.

As long as you have a reloadable card users can continually use their card for direct deposits.  If you transition to another job you can have your new job paycheck direct deposited to your MyVanilla card.  There is a direct deposit form available for download inside your online account.

Vanilla Reload:  Cardholders can continually reload their card with cash by taking it to a participating reload location.  There are thousands of locations nationwide and to quickly find the nearest location in your area visit www.vanillareload.com.  Here is a list of stores that participate in the reload program:

7-Eleven, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Dollar General

ATM Access:  Users can withdraw MyVanilla debit card visa funds at millions of ATM’s worldwide.  To avoid paying a surcharge fee find a MoneyPass Network ATM and you can withdraw your funds free.

Card to Card Transfers:  send and receive money to family and friends using your MyVanilla account.  The funds are securely transferred between MyVanilla Card accounts using your online account or mobile app.  This is also an easy way to split bills.

Bill Payment:  Set up automatic and one-time bill payments with your MyVanilla Card.  You can pay your bills directly from your MyVanilla account just like a checking account.

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