– Free Hotel with Sam’s Club Travel

Sam’s Club Travel is an extra incentive for Sam’s Club members to remain long time members as they can receive exclusive travel deals when they’re considering vacation.  Members can visit Sam’s Club Travel online at ( and check out all the exciting travel packages to choose from.

One of the special perks of selecting a vacation package through SCT is the bonus free hotel and up to $300 credit that is included.  To take advantage of the free hotel and $300 credit incentive is customers must book their vacation during the specified travel periods of the offers.  You are given about a month to decide on the deals before they expire.

Each cruise listing includes a brief overview of the trip including the price per person of the balcony view, the name of the cruise liner the deal is offered for, complete details of the offer such as port and destinations, and the 1-800 number to call to make your reservation.

There are additional deals available for visitors to see that are not advertised on the homepage.  These deals can be browsed using the Search feature on the homepage of (  You will need to have a Sam’s Club account to login and view these deals.

At the top of the homepage members can also explore the other travel services or bookings offered by SCT including hotels, flights, car rentals, vacation homes, and more.  If you are looking for a great deal on your next vacation and you’re a Sam’s Club member consider using Sam’s Club Travel.

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