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Owners of an Infiniti vehicle can register their vehicle online at the Infiniti Owner Portal.  The registration process via the owner portal allows owners to enter their vehicle information with the sole purpose of recognizing them as the owner of the car.  Vehicle warranty info is also made available to users so they will always know what their existing warranty covers.  

With vehicle information stored inside your account owners will be able to enjoy full use of apps connected with Infiniti Connection, Infiniti Personal Assistant, and Infiniti Intouch.  Vehicle info has to be available for these services to work inside your vehicle.  Logging in to your account is simple only requiring you to enter your email address and password you created during registration.  First time users can sign up for the service by visiting (https://owners.infinitusa.com/iowners) and selecting “Register.”

Once you’ve created your login information you will have access to your account 24 hours a day.  You will be able to review your entire vehicle profile.  If there are any recalls pertaining to your Infiniti vehicle you will be notified via your online account.  It is a great way to receive communications and updates to keep you informed.  

If your vehicle comes installed with the digital services of Infiniti Connection, Infiniti Personal Assistant, or Infiniti Touch by registering your vehicle online through the owner portal all of these features will be activated.  Here are some of the highlights you can expect with each service:

Infiniti Connection:  automatic collision notification, emergency call, roadside assistance, scheduled maintenance notification, etc.

Infiniti Personal Assistant:  24 hour access to team of professionals or live personal assistants at the push of a button

Infiniti Touch:  dash mounted navigation systems along with apps, has over 30 apps and services installed

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