– Login to Infiniti Financial Service

Infiniti customers can login to their Infiniti Financial account at  When it’s time for Infiniti owners to make their monthly car payment they can visit the online payment service of Infiniti Finance Service Online Account Manager.  The online account manager allows owners to conveniently submit their monthly car payment by simply logging in to their account.  Options for paying your car payment on a single month to month basis or via an automatic scheduling are available to owners through IFS.

Infiniti Finance Login

infiniti finance login

For owners who have not registered their account for online payment they can visit the homepage of IFS at (  The registration process is short requiring users to create their Infiniti username and password.  After finishing registering owners can setup their payment information inside their account for future payments.  You can setup your bank account information to be used as a payment option for manual one-time payments or for automatic recurring payments.

Infiniti Make A Payment

Using the IFS Account Manager to pay my Infiniti bill has no fee attached but if owners want to use other options for making payments expect a fee to be charged.  Other options such as using BillMatrix, Western Union, and MoneyGram all requires a charge for using their services.  It is easier and much more convenient for customers to simply establish their online account and make free payments through IFS.

Sending payments via mail is always available to owners but for your payment to arrive on time it needs to be sent 5 to 7 days prior to your scheduled payment due date.  There is a link on the IFS homepage for owners to download and utilize the Infiniti app to make payments while on the go using their mobile devices.

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