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Patients can pay their medical bill fast and conveniently online at www.imaginepay.com.  ImaginePay is a third party patient payment portal that receives payments on behalf of healthcare provider patients.  Patients can easily make online payments which is a faster process than mailing their payments.

Pay Online at www.imaginepay.com

After receiving your billing statement in the mail patients can visit the ImaginePay website to pay their bill.  To get started users can locate a Make A Payment or Get Started button on the website (there are several on the homepage).  Click the link and you will be taken to the Pay Now screen that provides several options for users.

Have your billing statement handy when completing the Pay Now screen.  Enter in your account number, provider number, and patient’s birthdate.  Click the green Pay Now button.

Register For ImaginePay Account

Patients also have the option to register for an account by selecting the Create Account button.  The account registration process allows users to do a number of things:

  • Establish an online account
  • Create a virtual wallet
  • View their payment history
  • Communicate with their provider
  • Make online secure payments

Users will need to provide the same details to register:  patient account number, provider number, and patient’s birthdate.

ImaginePay Payment Steps

The next step in the payment process is after your balance is displayed you can select the amount you would like to pay.  You can pay the minimum amount or pay your total balance. When paying you will have the option to pay by credit card or bank draft.  All major credit cards can be used for payment and for the ACH you will need to enter your bank’s routing number and your checking account number.

The next step is to enter in your payment amount then your billing address that is found on your billing statement.  Before paying your bill at the end of the process take a second to review everything to make sure the information provided is correct then submit the payment.

ImaginePay Patient Portal

With the ImaginePay Patient Portal users are able to make their medical payments very easily.  They can pay their bill from their mobile devices, smartphone, home computer, or public computer.  Just follow the simple 5 step payment process and your payment will be securely sent.

To pay your bill online visit www.imaginepay.com.



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