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Patients that have received their medical bills from their medical providers can make an easy payment online using the Pay Imaginepay website.  The site is a 3rd party site that works with medical providers to collect payments from their patients.  

If you are asking the question, “Is Imagine pay legit?”  simply look at your bill and if your medical provider is requesting you to remit payment to then they have an arrangement with them to collect their patient payments.

How to Register for an Imagine Pay Account

Registering for an account allows users that are expecting to have recurring bills the opportunity to view all of their bills from their online account.  They can also create a virtual wallet.

  • visit
  • click the Create Account button
  • enter your account number
  • enter your provider ID
  • enter your Patient’s date of birth
  • click the Create Account button

How to Pay Without Registering 

  • visit

Visitors can pay their bill manually without creating an online account or they can register for an online account to pay their bill from their account and if you’re expecting recurring bills.

To make a one-time manual payment after receiving your bill customers can use the QuickPay Here option which requires the following info:

  • QuickPay Here
  • enter your account number
  • enter your provider ID
  • enter your Patient’s date of birth
  • click the green Pay Now button

You will need to pay electronically via bank draft or use a credit card.  For a bank draft include your bank routing number and bank checking account number.

  • The pay imaginepay site takes this information to locate your account balance.
  • Your account balance will display
  • select the amount you wish to pay (minimum to full payment)
  • click the green Continue button
  • Select your payment method (credit card or ACH debits)

***for credit card payments you will need to enter the following details:

  • card holder name
  • credit card number
  • expiration date
  • security code
  • click the green Continue button
  • enter your billing address
  • click the green Continue button
  • confirm payment details
  • click the green Pay button

If you followed the above steps then your bill will be paid electronically and successfully via

Is Imagine Pay Legit?

The Imagine Pay web portal is a legit service that many medical providers use as a 3rd party service to collect payments.  They provide a free web portal for patients to pay their bills.

What is ImaginePay

ImaginePay allows patients to pay their bills online in a quick and easy way.  They are given a 5 step process to paying their medical bill that only takes a minute or so.

5 Steps

  • provide basic information to retrieve provider balance
  • select the amount you wish to pay
  • pay using credit card or ACH
  • enter your billing address
  • review and confirm payment details

ImaginePay™ is a HIPAA and PCI-certified compliant platform; meaning that your patients’ personal and payment method information are kept securely on file.


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