– Take USPS Customer Survey

US Post Office customers can give feedback on their recent visit to their local post office by visiting  The Postal Experience Survey site (U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Questionnaire) is a voluntary survey offered to customers that will provide the Post Office with necessary feedback about their customers recent experience.

How to Take Postal Experience Survey
USPS Receipt Survey

To get started with taking the survey simply visit the USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey website which is highlighted at the bottom of your recent Post Office receipt.  Before actually starting the US Postal Service survey visitors will need to answer these questions first then they’ll proceed to the survey part.

  • Select your preferred language, English or Spanish.
  • Enter zip code
  • Select the location of your last USPS purchase
  • Enter the date of your transaction from the top of the paper receipt

When you get started completing the survey you will need to have handy your most recent post office receipt.  On the receipt there is a 4 digit code printed near the top of the receipt.  This information is needed for inputting during the survey.

USPS Receipt Survey Details

As you get started into the Post Office customer survey you’ll notice that the questions are displayed in a multiple choice fashion and you’ll choose the best one.  They are also based on topics such as the following:

  • Your experience inside the post office
  • Questions you may have about your purchases
  • Level of customer service you received
  • How long your wait time was
  • Post office atmosphere
  • Post office cleanliness  

The rest of the US Post Office survey questions asked are self explanatory.  It won’t take but a few minutes to complete the survey but you’ll be doing the USPS a good service by providing excellent feedback.  Your honestly is requested as you answer the questions.  

With the feedback they receive from customers they can use some of the answers to help make necessary changes to keep customers using the USPS for all of their mailing needs.  Survey takers should be honest and answer the questions knowing that their feedback will encourage a smoother running post office location.  

Any US Post Office customer complaints or negative experiences at the Post Office should be included inside the survey so it will be noted.  This is your opportunity to relay any issues, complaints, or positivity towards that local branch of the Post Office.  The postal receipt should direct you to the link.

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  1. I sent a package to Falls River, M ON 12/03/13 – I have a PID number of 91149023086737164562 – I thought this was a tracking nummber but was told they could not find it and could not tell me where it was. The slip says it should be delivered by 12/12. I have had nothing but bad luck with your POs. Some letters have been taking 2 weeks to get to CA. What is going on? We now go to UPS where they are delivered on time. Would like an answer back. Where is my package? I sent 3 that day. Jean Rodda

    • I’m just facings the same problem. I don’t have any tracking number. When I put the registration number they can’t find anything.

    • I appreciate the OREM Team in Utah. Tracy, Chris, and an older
      lady were very good. I think it was Chris or Tracy that was SUPER
      patient and helpful as I shipped many packages before Christmas.
      Also, I left an important package behind and they held it for me!!!

      IN SLC, Kevin and the older, larger man, plus the young woman
      were all exceptional. Sadly, I cannot find a way to access the survey
      tho I already spent too much time trying to. Please give them my
      thanks. Sincerely, Maureen Hansen

  2. I always buy my stamps thru the mail using your request form.. In Dec. I sent it in not realizing it was old and $2.0 short. A few days later I received the return mail thinking I got my check back. I was pleasantly surprised to see they filled my order. I took the $2.00 shortage back to pay for the carrier back. The Bill was 1000101257169 and the Clerk #13. Please convey my thanks and appreciationd and wish thjem and their family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. on 12/16 I posted Christmas package to be sent out to my family,it still sits in the hillcrest postal office 33021 Hollywood,fl.It was to arrive on the 21st,it never left the pos office it still sits ther running my familys 1st Christ for me,may God have mercy on their souls!

  4. What a joke! It’s no wonder the postal service is on the dying end! I had sent a xmas package for my daughter in the airforce in Utah, sent it priority mail supposed to be guaranteed delivery on Dec. 26. Today is the27 Still NOT DELIVERED!!!!!!? WHATSCUP WITH THAT?!

  5. We shipped a package to Japan on December 5, 2013 from Fountain Valley Station.
    Customs From #: LC080592857US
    Bill#:1000403906216 Clerk:20
    As of December 27, 2013, they have NOT received it.

    The value was less than $100 and since we did not insure it, are we supposed to JUST FORGET IT.

    • We shipped a package to ISRAEL on December 24, 2014 from Bicentennial Station Los Angeles CA 900489998
      Customs From #: CW922719527UZ
      Bill #: 1000705594629 Clerk:10 As of January 13, 2015, they have NOT recieved it.

      Please, what is the STATUS of the package is.

      Thank you, very much.

    • I sent an envelope from Rochester, NY to Nassau NY on 1/10/2015 priority mail. Shows as being delivered on 1/12/2015. My niece said it never got there. She contacted her PO and they told her a sub was handling the route that day. Tracking # 9505 5110 0802 5010 3983 56.

      • Mailed pkg 1/20/15 tracking showed pkg coming and going from same places and not getting delivered . 2 day service and still not there. #9114999944313542604108 when will it be delivered???

  6. I have use the postal service since I was young I’m know 32 and never before experience this disappointments with USPS, I have paid for priority mail 4 times now into 4 months I move to Alabama, all of them have arrived after 6 days, them WHY and WHAT I PAY FOR!!!???

  7. I sent a package to CA from NY on dec 19th. PRIORITY MAIL…2 DAY DELIVERY. $30.00 TO SENT IT. Scheduled delivery date 12/23/13 BEFORE CHRISTMAS….I tracked it and on DEC 21st it arrived in Jersey City. IT SAT IN JERSEY CITY A WEEK until it finally arrived in CA on DEC 30TH!!!!! Merry Christmas, hope you liked your gift 🙁 UNACCEPTABLE!!! It’s the LAST time I use US Postal Service for any delivery.

  8. I sent a package to Nigeria. PMI small flat rate on the 12/09/13 and they still have not got it.. the gave me a recipe but has know tracking number on it. I want to no how to find out were it is at.

  9. Ronald Walker

    407 s highlands dr

    hollywood fl 33021

    Dear Sir

    my trip to the post office was a bad experience
    Carlos the postal cleark told me that there is no other way to send my mail
    so i paid 6,85

    on my way out i see box,s 5,80 he should havetold me that iwent back and change it
    you need better help in the post office

    Hillcrest postal store
    hollywood florida

    954 983 4115 phone


  10. I was at the downtown branch of the Post Office in Santa Rosa, CA yesterday. I had to mail a package to Hawaii. Although not heavy, it was rather large and bulky holding a comforter. I also had not filled out any label because I was not sure of what the cost would be. I wanted to tell you what a good experience I had. The woman who helped me was very gracious, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely efficient. I was amazed at how she read off the costs, measured my box, told me what I needed to write and where, handled another little package of mine that was going to SF and while I was doing my part, she was already helping other people. When I was done, she was right there ready to finish my transactions. I really appreciated all her help.

  11. tracking number 9274890108751926825799 is still not here.
    my wifes pills were shipped fromsupplier on 29th of Dec., processed through allen park 30th and 31st shipped out. arrived in lake mi. on the 31st and forwarded to zephyrhills fl. The next entry is processed through warrendale pa on Jan 9th. sent back to allen park. Jan 10th, forwarded to lake again. latest entry is Jan 11th forwarded. from Lake Mi. HOPEFULLY TO FLORIDA AGAIN.

  12. Well needless to say even after the holidays thepostal system still sucks. Paid $5.60 for 2day priority my package left Sayre Pa on the 13th of Jan then left philadelphia pa on the 14th last of the info. It just tells me in transit. It wss supposed to be delivered Wednesday Jan 15 needless to say never arrived. No wonder the postal service is going down hill it sucks. Never again for me.

  13. USPS what a joke. Just like Obama Care.

    I mailed a packaged Feb 25 from DE. due in Fa. by March 3 It is now March 17 still not package. I called the 800 number another joke. I gave tracking number just to be told by a michine that it left DE and hit another station which was not Fla. Then machine wanted to know what else it colud do for me. I said lost package. The machine said that was not a choice I had to choose from. Asked for Customer Service machine said that needed my tracking number, which I already gave and knew it was lost but machine could not help. After 45 min. I got a human. Told her how long I was trying to get help she said others have waited longer than that! .then she HUNG UP ON ME!! After many more trieds I got thru to another customer service man. Mid way thru the ordeal and I do mean ORDEAL their system went down. We started over again. I now have a case number and within 48 hours someone will get back to me. If they don’t I can call back in with the same 800 number and start over again.
    Will I be using USPS again? Take a wild guess. UPS here I come.
    And the postal service wonders why they are going under. But OBAMA is bail them out just like he did GM is again gone under with all my tax money.

  14. I went to Carnegie PA office to get money orders at 9:51am on March 22nd ans clerk#07 ripped me off my change I deserved back. This matter needs resolved ASAP. She stated she couldn’t reopen drawer to give my change. This is outrageous and unacceptable.

  15. The Winter Springs Florida Post office was very crowded but all of the clerks were working efficiently and as rapidly as possible. The clerk that assisted me was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Although
    I had a short wait the total experience was a pleasant one.
    Jerry Schmerling

  16. Messrs Postal Service
    The day 04/16 / / 2014 , at 11:46 minutes , send a package first class to El Salvador CA in the Post Office Store Miracle Mile Miami Florida 33134-9997 .The track number is LC774316854 The payment was $ 31.85 , quite exaggerated because it was just a 2-pound box 13.90 oz . as the post office is next to the Ross store, I headed to buy some things , then my cellular call from my sister who is it for the package, and when I read the customs form … I realized that Mr. postal mail pack had put URUGUAY , then I return to the office and changed my source to destination, just give me a receipt , but not if you change the label to the package … ? ? ?
    That envoi in first class , was for about three days , and have passed twelfth day , but since last Monday have been going to the USPS page TO TRACK THE PACKAGE , AND ALWAYS LEAVES ME THAT CAN NOT GIVE ME INFORMATION NOT KNOW IF nUMBER TO SEE THAT THERE LATER ? ?

  17. I mailed a package 4/11/14 expected delivery date was 4/18/14 predicted delivery date was 4/19/14 today is 4/30/14 and still NO package! I will never use the
    post office again. Fedex or UPS will get my business from now on. I guess the pony express is delivering my package. You have lost a faithful customer!

  18. It is just sad that people pay for services that they never get, the postal just not doing their jobs. I sent a packaeg to Atlanta, GA and it was suppose to arrive on 7 9 14 and here it is 7 11 14 and the package haven’t been received yet. Most of all the mailmman brought the package and left a note for pick up at the post office when my daughter went thrre to pick up the package. They could not find it. Using the tracking system the went to some other station. Now it is still runnihg around with the mail man some where. Who knows,

  19. I shipped a package, tracking number 9114 9999 4423 8269 6791 57 on
    9/15/14 at the Rocky River, Ohio post office. The Clerk was #08. This
    lady is an absolute joy to interact with. She is very knowledgeable, very
    caring and helpful. She has a good sense of humor and great people
    skills. The Rocky River post office is my favorite. The staff makes my
    postal experience an enjoyable one, and their expertise gives me a great
    sense of confidence. Debbie, a manager, is a great ambassador for the

  20. The Post Office in Elk Grove Village, Il, which serves a large industrial park and residences, has never been easy to use. Many of us travel a distance to the Wood Dale location as it is faster, well staffed and friendly. The EGV staff seems overwhelmed, often times out of the ability to make change of bills over $10, and not able to fill requests for stamps advertised on their posters. I understand that they unload the docks as well. Employees are not to blame. I hope we do not lose the service as it is important to various communities. It is still a reasonable way to send mail.

  21. I was in & out with no problems & the clerk was extremely kind & helpful. It surprised me since it was lunchtime & usually very busy. I never really have any complaint here even if it is busy. The whole staff has always seemed quite capable & efficient,. I hope & pray we can keep our Post Office. They are a God-send.

  22. In the last month I have been waiting in line at the post office to mail thing out. Had to wait at least one half an hour or more at least every visit. I’m am sorry to say this but every time I was waiting there were persons in line that were taking too much time trying to understand how to sent letters out that could not speak English. You should get enough help to move patrons alone as quickly as possible and not have to wait so long in line. I would greatly appreciate this for the next time I visit.

  23. My post office experiences are always pleasant. Everybody knows my first name as I go every day for our business, and they always say hi how ya doin! There are times when they have new people at the counter and they are slower than the regular guys, but we all have to start somewhere.

  24. I have been trying to get a package delivered since oct. 10th with no results I have contacted customer service ,no help customer affairs, no help I am fedup please contacted me 2172183304 terry mcnamer ca #ca119945023 tracking # 9114999944313170805410

  25. My folks at the Middletown, CT PO are friendly and knowledgeable. They always smile and often ask about the grandkids or how my day is going. These front clerks, Sandy, Sonja and Migael are the key to a great PO.


  26. The Postal Service has come along ways from what it used to be. They have cut the waiting time down, way down. For the past year my experience at the Post Office has been exceptional. Have not waited for a long period of time. They have become efficient & have acknowledged the importance of achieving their goal. As soon as the customer comes through the door, get them out the door as soon as humanly possible. They have done a great job of taking care of the business at hand. They too, like to get people on their way. They have been very friendly & are doing their part to take care of the volume of people & packages. The public can be so trying & tiring at times. I have definitely noticed a change, a good change a change for the better. The Postal Service is moving along, moving forward to accomplish their goal as well as the customers goal. The customer could be much more patient & understanding in the process. It is so hard to be nice to be friendly to those customers that walk through the door with a chip on their shoulder, ready to take their bad mood out on somebody, anybody. I hand it to those that deal with the public, customers on a daily basis, their work is cut out for them. Keep up the good work to all those that work & deal in the “Customer Service Arena”.

  27. Today,I went to Great Neck post office,the postal employee who can speak chinese,Her service is very good. Now Great Neck have many chinese, they need help . So I hope there is more employee who can speak chinese. thank you!

  28. On 12/15/2014 I purchased a priority maim 2-Day Medium Flat Rate Box for $12.65 which was to be delivered on 12/18/2014 . It is now 12/29/2014 and my grandson still has not received his Birthday gift (Birthday12/22) and do believe a refund is due My tracking # is 9114901189866593491158 /

  29. went Lacey branch post office, Olympia, Washington 98503, today 13th of Feb, 2015. the guy name by Richard who works at the counter was so rude and absolutely impolite. At one point he was raising his voice to me and told me to move to the next window because he did not want to help. He is a government employee getting paid by my tax dollars. He needs to be disciplined about his customer service manner. Please send me a result about his counseling.

  30. We use the Post Office located on 51st Ave East (SR 70) in Bradenton, FL. We have a P O Box and we send Certified Mail several times a week. The whole postal experience is great! Ray and the other front counter persons are very polite, knowledgeable, friendly and make every effort to respect my time and get me in and out as quickly as possible. We want to say “Thank you” for all that you do for us!

  31. I went in to return some mail that got sent to me that I did not order and I got a roll of stamps the gentleman that helped ,me was very friendly and he wished me a nice day and I told him to have a nice day and a nice weekend and I left

  32. I went in to the post office to buy some money orders. I was very surprised to see there wasn’t a line of any kind. The post office employee quickly came to the window and took care of my business. It took maybe 5 minutes to get what I needed. The employee was polite and friendly. He wished me a good day.

  33. We have been a customer of the Mira Loma, CA post office for 30 years. All of the employees are knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and friendly. We are always greeted with a smile and hello. When leaving they always say “have a nice day”. The lines move quickly. Their package tracking accurate.

  34. 0n 2/27/15 sent package to granddaughter in the service. Extremely helpful. Staff member made it very easy and less expensive for me. thank you

  35. Lived here 65 yrs. and went to send off a package, and got some stamps. Stephanie was very helpful and a big smile on her face. I was in and out fast. We love our Post Office here in Wellington, NV. Post Master Barbara, is so nice, helpful, and a big smile on her face. . Also, our route carrier, Tammy is the greatest. Comes to the door, if you have too large of a package. Always sweet, smile on her face also.

  36. I frequent the Center City post office often in Oklahoma City. Parking is a big problem at this location. On 03/17/2015 I complained to both clerks; that had no concern about the problem. I drove around twice and ended up parking on the street about a block away from the post office, just to buy postage. I then called 1-800-275-8777
    with no luck. If you have not tried using this service, please do, and give me your feedback. No where in all the prompts could I submit my complaint. I finally called the local number 405-236-0321 and talked with the manager, Jennifer. She said she has no way of monitoring the parking lot. I began telling her my concerns and she hung up on me.. I called back three times and after about ten rings it went to fax each time. When I got to my wife’s business I called on a different phone and she answered. I can finally see why the post office is going broke and slowly going out of business. If you people would put at least half the people that are employed back to work, you could turn this problem around. Good luck. Another converted UPS customer, that uses delivery service daily. Travis

  37. I have been mailing package from the US Post Office in Floresville, TX to locations out of the US for years. The service I receive in Floresville is outstanding. Some of the packages and foot lockers have been heavy and bulky. The Postal employee has offered to assist me with the packages and offered beneficial advice in completing the customs forms. I appreciate the service I receive when sending packages and mail. It makes mailing those packages easier and they are always friendly.

  38. post office at abrams & skillman Dallas, Tx. we there at 4:55pm , this lady was closing & locking the door , we told her what time it was she said we would have to come back . I thought post office closes at 5:pm? i now go to the one on markville & greenville ave. Dallas ,Tx. they are nice experience was good , thank you , anna sparkman

  39. I frequent the post office on 78th ave. in Pinellas Park, Fla. The clerks there are very pleasant and always helpful. I want to thank Debby and Cathy for being especially wonderful.

  40. I am new to this area in Presque Isle Maine and the Post Office Service is excellent. I sell things through EBAY and go there frequently. The clerk:06 is extremely helpful and informs me about free envelopes and boxes. They are curtious, helpful and do their jobs well. I never have any problems with this post office. I’m grateful to have this one in the area it is remote up here and I thank god for such a good service.
    Thank You Presque Isle Maine Postal Service.

  41. I would like to do the survey on my recent experience at the post office but the survey does not come up at the site on my receipt. If you want answers you have to make it simple!! Was treated courteously, timely and professionally. At Lake Park, FL 33403 PO

  42. I was at the Grovetown, Ga. post office this morning. Only one car, so I was satisfied that there would be few people, and I was right. The postal lady was very nice. I always have a pleasant response from the postal workers there whether regarding my mailing a letter or package.

  43. As always received excellent service from the postal employee at the Sandusky Ohio Post Office and the parcel arrived in perfect condition on time. Thank you for your continued ability to further the Postal Service’s good reputation.

  44. On April 2, 2015 I dropped an insured priority mail package at the Ala Moana branch of the US Postal Service in Honolulu, HI. I was promised that it will arrive at its destination by April 4. Instead, it arrived there on April 10. However, that was not the only problem. When the package was delivered, it was soaked in water. Upon opening the box one of the items which was a sealed bag of rolled oat was opened, its contents replaced with a different type of oat, and an old measuring cup left in the bag. In the package we also had a tablet computer whose screen was found to be smudged. Knowing that the mail was tampered was disturbing to the recepients of the package and all the food items in the package had to be discarded. We find this to be very serious offence and a totally unprofessional act which has seriously shattered our confidence on the postal service. We hope that the Postal Service will take a serious measure that will deter these kinds of episodes in the future.

  45. I visited the Pist Office in Sunrise, Florida (Oakland Park & Haitus Road) on April 16, 2015 and had the most wonderful experience. My previous experiences at Post Offices were not good so I was not expecting and different but on this day I was pleasantly surprise by the quality service that I received.
    Upon arrival with my mother who wanted to renew her passport, I was pleasantly greeted by “Shawna”. I explained what service we were there to access, she immediately put us at ease and explained the process clearly and professionally. She was polite and obviously focused on offering service at a very high standard, articulate and knowledgable of the postal system.
    The entire process was less than five minutes but the experience as at a very high standard and it restored my confidence in the postal service. I applause Shawna for her professionalism and high standard of customer service.

  46. How does a post office run out of single stamps? This is the third time in 3 months this has happened at the Parkville Post office. I went to the Riverside Post Office and they had one bedraggled postal worker there who has customers lined up to the door and he was out of change , all of us there helped him with change/ What is wrong with our postal system????? The ones around us are understaffed, never have enough to do their job, and those poor people working there are at their wits end.. During the holidays,ONLY ONE PERSON WORKING.!!!!! That is awful!!
    The Postal system had better get it together or they will find themselves out of business.

  47. I go to the Town and Country post office on Paula Drive in Tampa. This is my favorite post office. There is always good service, and the employees are very helpful and efficient.

  48. just waited 30 minutes for book of stamps. person in front of me had about 30 packages to mail. only 1 lady waiting on customers in alexandria ky., it is always like this. really bad bussiness.

  49. i sen a letter to west branch mi. 6-1 2015 @ 11 51 am from the post office 26056 Vandyke centerline mi. they received it today Thursday they said the envelope was dirty and wrinkled up


  51. Every time I go to the local Post Office the workers are always (and I truly mean ALWAYS) BSing with people while there are up to 15 people in line. One clerk was on break & the single clerk (after hearing comments) asked him to come out & give a hand. He came from a back room, looked at the long line and said “I still got 5 min.!” How do these employees working this galacticly SLOWLY go “postal” on anyone?????? Where does the stress come from? I don’t think these union workers could work faster if their job depended on it, which it doesn’t. The USPS is a joke! It’s always bitching about needing more money, but it getting worse and worse at delivering the mail. I SO doubt anyone’s opinion matters. The workers will continue to work at a glacial speed at our expense. What a joke.

  52. Went to post office in amarillo tx 5000 s. Western. Needed to buy stamps but the self serve machine was not working. Got in line to buy them. The line was very long as usual for that post office, and there were only two people working. It took over 20 minutes of standing in line to buy stamps. That is way too long. Need to have more counter help.

  53. My sister in Portland mailed me a letter on June 29th. It finally arrived in my post office box on July 11th. What happened? The letter contained important tax information and I was sweating bullets over its delayed arrival. Why did this occur? Must I send everything Priority Mail from now on just to be sure it will arrive on a timely basis?

  54. I come to the USPS with low expectations and the postal services always manages to do even worse. What is the use of having mail tracking if the postman doesn’t deliver mail shown as out for delivery or (in one instance) scanned as delivered but not? Whats’ the use of having a postal inspector customer service link when they promise to report back in a few days but never once (in three tries over five years) ever followup? The cherry on the top was an email asking me about my experience with the postal inspectors but the survey link was dead!

    Today’s joy was being told that my branch only processes three passport renewals a day and the next appointment was a week away. Drove five miles to the county clerk and walk in and out in five minutes – done! Whatever possessed me to turn to the USPS for anything?

  55. The ladies at the Summerlin Station are always pleasant and cheerful. Yesterday, Judith was the only one at the counter, yet she was her usual cheerful, helpful self. The line kept growing and then another clerk came to work. An irritation for me is the extra money USPS spends on paper to print the questions we have to answer and the, what I call “floater”, who walks around asking them and gives us the slip of paper to take to the counter. That person should be working a window, instead, so the customers wouldn’t become so disgruntled waiting in the long, growing line. Upper management need to look at changes. However, I praise Judith and the other ladies who are really dedicated and help all customers professionally and cheerfully. God bless ’em!

  56. Using usps for the last time!!!! 5th time sent a box and it arrived destroyed even after marking it fragile. Post office should not be trusted with delivery sevice! Stick to selling stamps

  57. Clerk 25 at the West Linn, OR Post Office is , without a doubt, the most professional postal person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have lived in many states and have always been a “regular” at the Post Office because of my very large and spread out family. She is pleasant, smart and always has the customer in mind. How lucky USPS is to have her!

  58. I sent a package with two day service and paid for that service it was not received by that time but the post office does not give a refund they just said the package will get there what type of **** is this.

  59. I recently visited the post office in Springfield, Ohio. It was a terrible experience. The postal clerk was so very, very slow. There was only one individual ahead of me in line and it took approx. 30 minutes before I exited the place. The clerk was so slow that I wanted to draw a circle around him to see if he would ever get out of it.

  60. Just went to the post office on Valley Road (PA). My customer service rep was very helpful. No complaints – even looked at his name (john) so I could personally thank him!

  61. Postal clerk, Richard Davis of the College Station in Fredericksburg, Va. Is consistently the most congenial and helpful person I have encountered in this area. He always has a smile, never hurries you. I go out of my way to visit this station just to see him when Mail House Plus is very close. What a wonderful world this would be if all sales people could be like this in spite of the nasty and complaining customers. Davis takes it all in stride, even helped me with my comment above.

  62. I have constant PRAISE for Newport NC postal people. They are very courteous and most helpful. I wish someone would realize the local PO in our area should be used as model’s for the world! , Dotco

  63. The post office located on Commonwealth Avenue, Buena Park, CA is so dirty. Windows and floors both need washed. Papers strewn about on the floors. The windows are double paned but the gases which keep them securely sealed have failed through time and now the windows are so dirty in between the double panes they need to be replaced. I hate to go to this post office but our business mail box is there so I am a daily visitor.

  64. I had to mail a registered letter from Oregon to Minnesota. If the clerk would have just sold me the postage, I would not have known that the letter might 3 weeks to get to the addressee. She pointed it out specifically. Because of the nature of the letter/content,it was VERY important for me to be made aware of it (I had no clue and did not ask).. I mailed it and then sent a fax to the addressee letting them know what was “on the way”. –
    THANK YOU DEAR LADY AT THE POST OFFICE. You offered help before I even knew what to ask. – PS: I always have great service at our :Post Office, West Salem, Oregon. 1-27-2016

  65. I mailed a package on 9/17/2015 at the Greenville, AL post office and it has not arrived to the sender as of yet. I was first told that it had gone from Greenville to Montgomery but had not left the Montgomery post office. I was told to go online to file a claim. My package could not be tracked online because I did not purchase insurance. I had a return shipping label from the company that I was mailing it to and did not know that I needed to purchase insurance. When I contacted the PO again I was told there may have been insurance on the package but then they were unable to track it at all. The supervisor at the PO told me that she would have the post master call me but I never heard from him. I talked to the supervisor again and she stated that she would send the postmaster an email and have him contact me, That has been over two weeks and I have not heard back from either of them.

  66. We been customer at the post office in Dade City, FL. Our PO. Box 766, for few years. Just want to say that, all of the employees there are knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and friendly. We are always greeted with a smile and hello. When leaving they always say “have a nice day”. The lines move quickly. Their package tracking accurate.

  67. I took our payment to the IRS to our local post office in Oldsmar, FL to send it certified mail for security. The postal employee (Clerk 15) sent the letter (Bill # 840-53350185-3-18021-2) for me. He was delightfully upbeat, informative, helpful and completed my transaction with a smile. What a treat! We need more of those types of employees at the post office. He made my day!


  69. waiting in line with pkg to send at po kiely sdanta clara ca.5 people working and when 1 saw that there were no more asians she went on a break then returned and at same time more people arrived in the line and she stared taking the asians at the end of the line first. fed ex from now on

  70. Hurricane, UT has the friendliest, most efficient personnel! Always a smile and a kind word as well as helpful! I look forward to going there!

  71. On 5/9/2016 I came in to conduct business. I stood on line maybe 6-10 mins and I heard a faint voice that said “may I help you” so I went over to the clerk who I thought called me. But to my demise she (clerk 37) didn’t call me. Instead of sending me back to the line, she didn’t. This survey is simply to let the employer know the type of worker you have. Unfortunately I didn’t get her name, just 37. Once I made my mistake and was very apologetic, 37 didn’t hesitate to project courtesy and professionalism. She was pleasant and understanding while taking good care of me,I left there feeling pleased. I just want to say thank you for your kindness. really and truly goes a long way! Keep up the good work!

  72. nded me the receipt, said “the tracking number is on there”. Got home, 1 very long number and one 10 digit number. Neither one described as “tracking number”. Tried each one, and was told that neither was a tracking number. How do I track my manila envelope “package”?

  73. Brought a large manila envelope marked “photos. Do Not Bend” Was told it goes as a package. Received receipt–postal employee said tracking number was on receipt. Found one 10 digit number at top of receipt, and a much longer number, including dashes at bottom. Tried using both to track “package”. Neither one worked. Where is the tracking number?

  74. I live in Joshua Tree California. I dive an I drive 40 miles round trip to the Joshua Tree Post office to send and receive parcels.The office employees are always smiling and pleasant to deal with. They will always help you with any problems that you have with mailing parcels of all types of mail and always with a smile and tell you have a great day. For me it makes for a great day. they are such a wonderful happy group of postal mail employees.

  75. I went to my Post Office to mail a package. I did not have quite enough change to finish the transaction. My friendly person dug down into his own pocket & gave me the change to provide me the correct amount to mail my box—over & above!!

    Thank you.

  76. Chesterfield Post Office, 16105 Swingly Ridge Road, Chesterfield, MO. 63017-9998. The employees have always been friendly and ready to answer questions re shipping an item, There is always a reminder: Insurance, stamps, etc and Have a Good Day.

  77. I live in Chester, SC where the service at our (1) local post office is a wonderful experience every time. No matter what clerk is there to greet you, you receive the same warm welcome.

  78. receiving a warm welcome is expected at my local post office. The postal clerks have spoiled me that way. I live, work and play in Chester, SC

  79. This post office has very friendly and wonderful clerks. They are happy people wanting to serve the public. I have a great experience every time.
    The post office is on Double Creek Road in Round Rock, Texas.

  80. Service is fast, even when there is a line of costomers, which isn’t often. The employees are friendly, helpful and always efficient. I always have a great experience at the post office, and I give the employees at the Latta road office in Greece a 10!!! I do miss the many photographic products, Collectables and memorabilia I used to enjoy.

  81. The experience I had at the Bellaire, Texas Post Office was very pleasant. The representative was professional, courteous and knowledgeable on the process we used to ship a package to Dallas. Took time to process the transaction thoroughly and was expeditious as well during my visit. Once completed he inquired if I needed any additional supplies from them. Very well done and appreciated… Great Customer Service here.

  82. I mailed a pkg from Cabo Rojo PR . to my sister 58 manhattan Ave NY 10025 on 6/10/16 it arrived on the 18th at 8 pm . The package was left in the lobby . lucky my sisters son was coming home from work and saw the pkg. otherwise it would had been lost . My sister is 89 and has trouble walking . I don’t understand why they can just leave a note in the mail box instead of leaving it outside . It is not the first time it happens . please correct this or I will have to send pkgs a different way .

  83. Mailed a letter next day before 12pm from Little Rock Ar 72116 to Maumee Oh 43537 at 2:29 7/18/16. Called the company I sent the letter to on 7/20/16 and was told that the letter had not arrived. Checked the tracking number and it showed still intransitt at 5:15 7/20/16. Called the poster aster office in Little. Rock Ar 72116 to try and get help and was told when the letter left Little Rock there job was done that I might try calling the post office in Toledo Oh. I ask if sch could give me the phone number and she told me to call the person I sent the letter too for the phone number. And hung up. If you want the names of these people please call at 501-944-5044. I give tranning talks on a lot of government regulations to thousands of people each year, and this story will be told each time showing how the people at the usps doesn’t care about customer service any more. If you want your mail not lost use UPS, Fedx.

    This letter may cost me over $15,000

  84. I’ve never had a bad experience in any Post Office (or with any employee) in my eighty-some years of living in various states. They have always been friendly, courteous, and helpful. Thank you.

  85. I never did find out how to take the customer experience survey. This sucks like the old postal service I used to know.
    I really did have a great experience until I tried to take this survey which the lady who served me told about. There has been a noticeable change in customer service. My mailman is inconsistent when he will come but that is no real problem. The folks that drop packages are very considerate and helpful.

  86. I was in post office this amand the clerk was very accondating.RThere were no customers behind me so we visited for a few minutes, she was so nice and i enjoyed talking with her Bill #840-57200781-2-766291-2, clerk 06..(840-5720-0781-002-00007-66291-02) I think her name was Lisa,very good employee.

  87. I use the Wabash station near my house frequently and always have received good service from all the postal clerks. The one lady that waited on me today was exceptional. She always looks clean, and neat she is always friendly and helpful. And today she went out of her way to help me. I truly appreciated that.

  88. I would like to know why it takes 9 days to receive my newspaper from dallas. my paper comes from 20 miles away it goes to dallas, texas and then back to groveton, texas. it does not take that long for mail to come from overseas

  89. Dear Sir, The last month we have had a new postal driver. Last 2 weeks I
    have had a bad expierence with her. First the end of Aug. 2016, she dropped mail in front of my mailbox. 2nd on Sept 17,2016 I find a letter in my mailbox at 8:00 am my neighbors had my mail. Then that same day she delivers my mail at 10:30 that same day. If she’s not responsible with
    other peoples mail, then I would like a new mail carrier. If no results I will
    report this to the postal general. This is for the Clarksville Saranac area

  90. I shop at the First Avenue Post Office just off the street. All the postal employees are very friendly and kind. Very helpful in selecting the best way to mail a package, i.e., the cheapest way, the fastest way, etc.
    They know their clients who frequent the post office and most of the time, there is lots of laughter from all. The post office is stocked with greeting cards, boxes, package goods and accessories. I am very pleased with their service.

  91. I was just in the Great Neck, NY Post Office (Station Plaza) where I mailed a birthday package to my Goddaughter who is away at college. I brought the package wrapped, sealed and addressed in what I thought was appropriate brown wrapping paper.

    The Postal Clerk who helped me Elizabeth (Liz) went above and beyond to help me. Not only did she in form me that the wrapping that I had used was inferior and would not survive mailing, she proceeded to overwrap my package in tyvek that she fashioned herself out of priority mail envelopes.

    I don’t know when the last time that anyone serving me anything anywhere went so far to make my experience pleasant. Thanks a million Liz, you made me day.

    Andrew Kutz
    Great Neck, NY

  92. I stopped at the Holbrook, NY post office and I was totally satisfied with the whole operation. I had a pleasant experience at this post office, as they helped me track my 2 packages. A very service-oriented and professional staff.

  93. I sent a package on 12/13/16 from St Joseph, MO to Tijeras, NM. Was expexted on 12/16/16. Today is 12/21/16 and the pack is still in transi, showing it’s expected on 12/16/16.

    The tracking number is 1315 149 00000 5813 8863. This obviously is a Christmas gift and sent it ahead of time so it would be there on time. Can you please help with this issue.

    The post office personnel on Oakland Avenue are always very helpful., that’s why I go up there, not to the downtown main post office

    Thank you,

  94. I am conducting business with my local Postal Office located on Landis Avenue, Vineland NJ, for the last 30 years and I am very happy with the professional, courtesy and exceptional customer services that I received from the Office Clerk Personal.

  95. I payed for 2 day mailing. I took it to the Copley Ohio Post Office mid morning on Jan. 2,2018. The lady I dealt with was very nice and knowledgeable. My 2 day mailing on a Tuesday, did not end up arriving until the following Monday the 8 th. I do not call that two day. I guess I should be happy that it arrived and I am but it was something that was needed days earlier. Not sure who I will send packages with the next time.

  96. I can’t trust the Post Office for my zip code (77581) in Pearland, TX. I don’t like to go in person to this post office because they act like they don’t want to wait on you. I don’t put my outgoing mail in the mail box because I’m afraid it will not get delivered to the correct place. They are always giving me mail that is not mine. I live on West Circle and they give me East Circles mail. They give my mail to the people on East Circle. This includes packages. When they bring a package they put it on the front porch and leave. They don’t knock or ring the door bell. One reason they make so many mistakes is due to the fact they are on their cell phone. Because of all these mistakes I take my mail to the Post Office in Friendswood, TX. They have the best people working there. They are nice, always smiling, and know what they are doing. I can even drop my mail in the outside box and it will get where it’s going faster than if I put it in my mail box.

    I have gone and talked to the Post Master about these mistakes and they just don’t seem to care. I haven’t been in a while because I go to Friendswood . I’m not the only person in Pearland that goes to Friendswood because I talk to the people in line. How sad it is not to trust your mail carrier.
    Thank You

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