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New customers of Best Egg interested in applying for a personal loan can take advantage of the promotion happening at www.bestegg.com/low.  This offer is exclusively for customers that received an invite to apply by mail.  

The offer is for a personal loan up to $50,000 with a fixed rate as lows as 4.99%.  Consumers can use their personal loan for loan consolidation of high interest credit cards, home renovations, big ticket purchases, etc.  

Use Best Egg Personal Offer Code

The offer that customers received in the mail for the Best Egg invitation shows 2 ways for them to apply which are online or by phone.  The phone number customers can call is 1-855-282-6353. They can speak with a dedicated Loan Specialist who will assist them applying by phone.

The second and most convenient method for the Best Egg loan apply is by visiting the online application site.  The advantage of applying online vs by phone is the online website is available 24 hours a day while the 1-800 number has specific hours to call in.


  • Visit www.bestegg.com/low
  • Enter your best egg loan email address
  • Enter your 14 digit best egg offer code
  • Click the orange LET’S GET STARTED button

***If you found out about this offer from another source and do not have an offer code click the “I do not have an offer code” link.

  • Enter your email address
  • Click the orange CHECK YOUR RATE button

There is a 4 step process to continue on with applying for a loan.  The steps are entering details about you, selecting your loan, getting your loan, and confirming your loan.  Each section will require you to enter more personal financial details for the application process.

Please understand that during the initial stages of the application process your credit will not be pulled.  Initially the information that you provide is simply to offer you an APR rate then afterwards you can decide to continue on.

Best Egg Loan Highlights

best egg personal loan

One of the best parts of the Best Egg personal loan is its convenience.  Applying online is simple and doesn’t take very long. Consumers simply need to visit the promotion website at bestegg.com/low and start.  It’s a very convenient process. Here are a number of other features:

  • Visit bestegg.com/low for an instant approval
  • Low fixed rates between 4.99% – 19.99%
  • Check rate with no impact to credit score
  • Loan amounts from $2,000 to $50,000
  • Pay over time with clear terms
  • No hidden fees
  • No collateral necessary
  • No prepayment penalties
  • 1 monthly payment
  • Funds directly deposited in your bank account within 1 day

This offer is only for a limited time so consumers will need to take advantage of it before the expiration date arrives.  Look at your mailers and see the Respond By date so you can be sure to act beforehand or the deal is void.



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