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Consumers that received a My Tuck Associates pre-approval letter for a debt consolidation loan for their high interest credit cards can respond to the offer online.  The loan is designed to free consumers from paying more than one credit card bill and combine them into one practical loan via debt consolidation that will save them money in the end.

My Tuck Associates Personal Reservation Code

For consumers that were contacted by mail there are steps to take to get started with the loan consolidation process:

On the homepage of the application site you will notice a short form to complete with the following details:

  • Enter your 11 digit My Tuck Associates personal reservation code

***Your personal reservation code can be found on your mailer near the bottom of the page

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Estimated household income
  • Estimated credit card debt
  • Estimated monthly credit card payments
  • Answer if you own or rent
  • Click the Continue button

Continue on with the application process until the end, much of the information that you’ve already entered is applied to the application and speeds up the entire process.  


Submit Phone Application

Another option for consumers is to apply by telephone versus the online site at mytuckassociates.com.  On your mailer is a toll free number you can call, if you’re not sure what it is consider the number below:

  • Call – 1-800-798-5294

Customer Service Information

Any correspondence you need to make with Customer Service by mail can be forwarded to the following address:

PO Box 818

Lafayette, CO  80026

My Tuck Associates Loan Highlights

  • Pre-approval Debt consolidation up to $35,000
  • APR as low as 3.95%
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan
  • Collateral is not necessary the debt consolidation is an unsecured loan

The offer to receive the low interest rate via My Tuck Associates is a promotional that will run out.  Your offer letter should have a date when you have to accept the deal before it expires.  



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