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My Derby Advisors is a credit card debt consolidation company that is offering consumers with high interest credit cards a low interest loan so they can save hundreds of dollars in interest.  Customers that decide to work with Derby Advisors will receive a new balance and a fixed interest rate.

My Derby Advisors Estimate

Before getting started with the My Derby Advisors online application process consider receiving an estimate on how much you will save first via the Comparison Calculator:


  • Find the Comparison Calculator on the homepage

Enter the following information:

  • Your estimated debt balance
  • Your estimated current monthly payment
  • Your average annual percentage rate
  • Click the Calculate button

After completing the comparison calculator and hitting the Calculate button you will receive on screen a display of what your total interest will be under your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

You will also notice the Derby Advisor’s Rate that is calculated for you showing what you will pay in total interest.

If you are satisfied with the savings you can now start the application process.

My Derby Advisors Personal Reservation Code

Before getting started you will need to refer to your mailer and retrieve your My Derby Advisors Personal Reservation Code.  It can be found at the very bottom of the page and begins with 2 letters and in total is 11 digits long.

  • Visit www.myderbyadvisors.com
  • Enter your personal reservation code in the homepage application form and after entering your name should appear

***Be sure and double check your name for correct spelling

Complete the rest of the form adding the following details:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Estimated household income
  • Estimated credit card debt
  • Estimated monthly credit card payments
  • Input if you are a renter or owner
  • Click the Continue button

Your social security number is not necessary at this point so you won’t have to worry about any inquiries on your credit report as a result of completing this form.

Derby Associates Loan Highlights

With a Derby Associates debt consolidation loan you will have the following benefits in comparison to keeping your bills as they are:

  • Low interest rate debt consolidation loan in the single digits
  • No collateral needed
  • One monthly payment
  • Interest rates slashed

Customer Service

Any questions consumers may have can be directed to the customer service department at the following info:

Call 1-800-207-1756



Please also be aware that any loans approved via My Derby Associates cannot be used for anything but high interest credit cards.  The loans can’t be used for other personal debt needs.



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