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More people are working from home now due to the coronavirus pandemic so there’s a lot of sitting at a desk all day.  To keep from getting bored and sick of sitting all day the Scoop Lateral Trainer is a great way to get some exercise in as you sit.  


  • Affordable lateral trainer
  • Portable
  • Tone butt and thighs including inner and outer thighs
  • Zero impact on joints and knees
  • Increase hip flexibility

Try The Scoop Pedal Exercise As Seen On TV

The Scoop exercise machine is available for purchase online at the following locations:



The product is being advertised on television where customers can see it in operation.  There is an exclusive TV and online offer that customers can take advantage of:

What is the cost of the Scoop?

The Scoop can be purchased online at the trythescoop.com website for a price of $199.99 or use the Afterpay option to make 4 installment payments of $50.00.

There is a 1 year warranty that comes with the product or upgrade to the 3 year warranty for a price of $19.99.

The Scoop Lateral Trainer Review

The Scoop is a lateral trainer or bi-directional under desk elliptical machine that utilizes lateral motion to exercise your legs, thighs, core, hips, and buttocks.  It is a complete lower body workout designed to tone even difficult areas such as your inner and outer thighs.  

It’s great for anyone but particularly seniors as it’s a low impact workout protecting your joints and knees to prevent injury.  There is no real stress on your lower body as you exercise with the Scoop exercise equipment.

How to Use the Scoop Trainer

It’s not complicated getting started with the Scoop pedal exercise machine.  Here are some simple directions on beginning your exercise:

  • Place Scoop on a smooth level floor at a distance you’re comfortable with from your seat

***for exercising under a desk you will need to have enough space underneath for knee movement

  • Slide your feet into the pedals making sure you secure them correctly with the straps
  • Using the tension knob select the tension you want to workout with 

***for a more intense workout turn the tension knob left and for an easier workout turn the knob right

  • Begin your workout by pressing both pedals in a sideways motion
  • Workout regularly between 20-45 minutes per day 3 to 5 times weekly

List of Benefits You Can Expect From Scoop

If you’ve seen the Try the Scoop as seen on TV available at www.trythescoop.com then you can see how there’s healthy benefits from using this product, here is a short list of benefits:

  • Tone butt and thighs
  • Burn up to 500 calories an hour
  • Works the front and back of legs including the inner thigh, outer thigh, and butt
  • Works total lower body at a full 360 degree 
  • Change direction to focus on the inner or outer thigh
  • Low impact
  • Zero impact on joints & knees
  • Increases hip mobility
  • Improves balance and strengthens hip and knee joints
  • Increase hip flexibility and activate your core


  • Built for home or office
  • Lightweight design for easy storage and use
  • Exercise while watching TV or working from home
  • Has onboard computer that tracks your workout time, repetitions, strides per minute, and approximate calories burned
  • Requires minimal assembly – has all the tools included taking less than 15 minutes to setup – can be assembled by one person
  • Weighs 19lbs
  • 16 inches / 40 cm tall x 19 inches / 48cm wide




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