Benefits Of Working At Big Lots

Working at Big Lots has its advantages. This discount retailer offers many benefits to employees that make it an attractive place of employment. From competitive salaries and flexible scheduling, to the opportunity for career growth and development, working at Big Lots is a great option for job seekers looking to build their skillset while earning money. In this article we’ll look closer at the variety of benefits available to those who choose to work with Big Lots – refer to for information about the employee login portal. 

Competitive Wages

Once upon a time there was an ambitious young man determined to make something of himself. He slogged through the days and nights, searching for opportunities that could help him reach his goal. Finally he stumbled across Big Lots – a thriving retail company offering competitive wages.

The young man had heard about their generous pay rates but couldn’t believe it until he saw it firsthand. Sure enough, when compared with other retailers in the area, he found that Big Lots offered one of the highest salaries around. For someone who was just starting out on their career journey, this was great news indeed!

Excitedly, the young man went forward and applied for a position at Big Lots – confident that they would provide him with the opportunity to earn a comfortable living while working hard towards achieving his dreams. As expected, he got accepted and began reaping the rewards of having chosen such an advantageous place to work…

Comprehensive Benefits

Big Lots offers a comprehensive benefits package that is designed to help our employees and their families. This includes healthcare coverage, vacation time, retirement plans, employee discounts on products, tuition reimbursement, and more.

Our health care programs provide coverage for medical and prescription drug expenses. We also offer optional dental insurance, vision insurance, critical illness insurance, accident protection plans, flexible spending accounts (FSA), and other voluntary benefits that can be tailored to meet individual needs:

  • Dental Insurance:
  • Standard plan with employer/employee sharing of costs
  • Optional buy-up plan with reduced out-of-pocket expenses
  • Vision Insurance:
  • Eye exams at no cost to the employee
  • Discounts on frames and lenses

We are committed to helping our employees save for the future through various retirement savings options including 401(k) plans with company matching contributions. In addition, we have an Employee Stock Purchase Plan so employees can purchase Big Lots stock at discounted rates. 

Vacation time is available after 1 year of service; plus holidays off and paid parental leave! Lastly, every employee receives a generous merchandise discount when they shop in any of our stores or online.

At Big Lots we strive to create a supportive work environment where everyone feels appreciated and valued. Our goal is…

Supportive Work Environment

Big Lots provides an excellent and supportive work environment. Employees are encouraged to take initiative, express their thoughts, and challenge the status quo.

Opportunity Benefits
Personal development Access to training & learning resources
Flexibility & autonomy Ability to make decisions independently, set own goals & deadlines
Values-driven culture Company invested in employee wellbeing & engagement with customers

The atmosphere at Big Lots is one of collaboration and appreciation for individual contributions. A team approach is taken when tackling new projects or addressing customer issues; this allows employees to learn from each other while strengthening relationships among colleagues. 

Additionally, senior managers offer guidance and support throughout the entire process – from brainstorming ideas all the way through implementation. As a result, employees feel empowered to take ownership over their tasks and be creative problem solvers within the organization.

At Big Lots, there’s great potential for growth as well as job satisfaction due to its commitment to providing meaningful work experiences that foster personal development. 

With these opportunities available, it’s no wonder why some workers have chosen to stay here long term. Moving forward, let’s explore what kind of job prospects exist at Big Lots.

Job Opportunities

Employment at Big Lots is not only a supportive environment for employees, but also one that offers many opportunities. The company puts an emphasis on developing its team members and providing them with the resources needed to excel in their roles. 

This can be seen through their dedication to continuing education programs, which help employees stay up-to-date on new trends and industry knowledge. Additionally, employee feedback is actively sought out by management so they may continuously improve the workplace atmosphere.

Big Lots boasts competitive wages and numerous benefits packages available to all of its workers. Employees are provided with medical coverage, paid vacation time off, as well as bonus incentives based on performance. 

All these things make working at Big Lots quite attractive for those looking for more than just a job; it’s more like being part of a family where everyone supports each other. As such, it provides a great platform for anyone wanting to grow professionally and personally over time.

Overall, Big Lots has proven itself to be an employer of choice among job seekers due to both its supportive work culture and commitment towards creating meaningful job opportunities for its staff. With extensive training courses designed to give employees the tools necessary for success combined with generous payouts and additional perks, there’s no denying why this company stands out from the rest when it comes down to finding long-term employment stability. 

Now we turn our attention towards the various resources and opportunities that exist within the organization aimed at helping individuals reach their fullest potential in life – both professionally and personally.

Resources And Opportunities

At Big Lots, employees enjoy a variety of resources and opportunities that make working there an incredibly rewarding experience.

For starters, the company offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to ensure their workers are taken care of. Employees also have access to several career development programs that help them take advantage of any potential advancement opportunities within the organization. Additionally, Big Lots has established a culture that encourages collaboration among team members in order to maximize job satisfaction and productivity.

Moreover, there are many other rewards available for those employed at Big Lots:

  • Generous bonuses and incentives
  • Flexible schedules
  • Paid time off
  • Discounts on merchandise

The list goes on and on! With all these perks combined, it’s no surprise why so many people choose to work at Big Lots. It’s definitely a great place to build a successful career with ample growth potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Hiring Process Like?

The hiring process at Big Lots is straightforward. Typically, candidates will fill out an application online and then be contacted for a phone interview. After that, if successful, they may be invited to attend an in-person interview with the hiring manager or panel of representatives from the company. If hired, most employees must also pass a background check before being offered a position.

Are There Any Discounts For Employees?

Yes, employees at Big Lots are eligible for discounts. Depending on the location, staff can typically get a 10% discount off merchandise and an additional 5-10% off clearance items. Some stores also allow employee family members to use their discount as well. Employees often receive special promotions or bonus rewards throughout the year too!

What Is The Dress Code?

The dress code for working at Big Lots is typically casual. Employees are free to express their personal style as long as it’s appropriate and follows the company’s guidelines of no offensive logos or phrases. Shirts should be tucked in, and closed-toe shoes should be worn at all times. All employees must wear a name tag while on duty, too.

Are There Any Additional Incentives For Employees?

According to a survey of Big Lots employees, an estimated 83% of staff feel that the company offers additional incentives for its workers. These can range from discounts on items in-store and special recognition programs, to bonuses when reaching sales goals or completing training courses. With such generous benefits available, it’s no surprise that so many current and former employees have praised their time at Big Lots.

Are There Any Flexible Scheduling Options?

Yes, employees at Big Lots can take advantage of flexible scheduling options. Working hours are tailored to fit their lifestyle and needs, with the ability to set shifts that work for them. This ensures they have the balance between private life and professional commitments that works best for them.


Working at Big Lots is a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience and build a career. With competitive pay, discounts for employees, flexible scheduling options, and additional incentives for good performance – it’s no wonder why so many choose to make their home with such an amazing company.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the team here at Big Lots and can confidently say that it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Not only has working here provided me with the chance to learn new skills, but also given me an incredible sense of community which I cherish immensely.

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