Big Lots Employee Career Opportunities

Big Lots is a national chain of stores that offers a wide variety of products for customers looking for great deals and discounts. Employees at Big Lots are given the opportunity to explore career opportunities and gain valuable experience in their field. 

With competitive salaries, flexible scheduling options, and an atmosphere of camaraderie among employees, it’s easy to see why working at Big Lots can be such an attractive option. In this article, we’ll look into the various employee career opportunities available at Big Lots also at the mybiglots employee self service, as well as how you can take advantage of them.

Retail Positions at Big Lots

Big Lots offers a variety of retail positions to its employees. From sales associates and cashiers working on the floor, to overnight stockers and assistant managers leading their team, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. Working in a Big Lots store is an opportunity not only to get great discounts on merchandise but also gain valuable skills like customer service experience and communication abilities. 

As you move up in the ranks at Big Lots, you can take advantage of additional training programs that help equip people with even more knowledge and resources they need to succeed – all while enjoying competitive wages and benefits. With these many options available, it’s no surprise why so many individuals choose Big Lots as their career destination.

The corporate side of Big Lots is just as attractive as the stores themselves. Those who work behind-the-scenes can find fulfilling roles in areas such as finance or marketing that provide new challenges and growth potential every day. 

Alongside this unique work environment comes access to exclusive rewards programs for those dedicated enough to stay long term. It’s easy to see how anyone could benefit from joining the Big Lots family if they’re looking for something out of the ordinary compared to other places around town.

At Big Lots, we strive to make sure our staff is constantly learning, growing, and having fun along the way! We recognize hard work by celebrating successes together both within teams and across departments—which means everyone feels fulfilled no matter what role they have chosen. With endless possibilities ahead, now is the perfect time join us on this exciting journey ahead! Moving into our next section about Corporate Positions…

Big Lots Corporate Positions

The retail positions at Big Lots are like the bustling streets of a city, full of life and opportunity. From store associates to customer service representatives, each role is its own unique experience that requires different skills and personalities. There’s something for everyone in this ever-changing environment!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the stores lies the corporate side of Big Lots – it’s like an oasis hidden away from public view. Here you’ll find opportunities in accounting, marketing, operations management, human resources, legal affairs and more. With roles available across all departments within the company there’s plenty to choose from:

  1. A chance to collaborate with experienced professionals on projects that make a difference;
  2. Opportunities to gain new skills through specialized trainings;
  3. An exciting career path filled with possibilities;
  4. The ability to shape your future with meaningful work.

At Big Lots, employees have access to many training and development opportunities which can help them grow both professionally and personally as they continue their journey with us. Whether one chooses a busy retail position or a calmer corporate one, we strive every day to provide our people with chances for growth and success!

Training And Development Opportunities

Big Lots is committed to providing employees with the training and development opportunities they need to excel in their roles. With a wide array of resources available, Big Lots offers numerous ways for employees to continue learning and develop skills that will help them reach new heights within their career.

 From classroom-based classes, virtual instruction sessions, workshops, and other self-guided learning initiatives, Big Lots provides comprehensive professional development opportunities tailored to individual needs.

In addition to traditional education methods, Big Lots also invests in experiential learning activities such as job shadowing or internships. This hands-on approach allows individuals to gain first-hand experience from more experienced colleagues who can offer invaluable insight into how certain tasks should be performed or processes conducted. 

Furthermore, this type of instruction helps ensure all team members are equipped with up-to-date knowledge about various topics related to their positions at Big Lots which is important for efficient performance throughout the organization.

The company recognizes that employee growth doesn’t only come through formal courses and seminars; sometimes informal conversations over lunch or after work hours provide just as much value when it comes to learning something new. 

That’s why Big Lots encourages “lunch & learn” events where employees have an opportunity to share tips and tricks on different aspects of their jobs while building camaraderie among peers across departments.

With these investments in its people, Big Lots gives its staff every chance possible to grow professionally and foster meaningful relationships along the way – paving a path towards success both inside and outside of the workplace. Ready for another step? Benefits and perks await!

Big Lots Employee Benefits And Perks

At Big Lots, we take our employees’ career successes to heart. We understand that in order to create an amazing culture of success and satisfaction, there must be a commitment to providing the resources necessary for everyone to thrive. That’s why we offer some pretty sweet benefits and perks – surefire ways to make your time with us even more enjoyable!

For starters, you’ll get access to a comprehensive health care package that includes coverage options such as medical insurance, vision plans, dental plans, prescription drug programs, flexible spending accounts and wellness benefits. 

Additionally, you can enjoy discounted products from our stores and more through our employee discount program. As if those weren’t enough reasons to stay happy at work all day long, we also provide generous paid leave packages including vacation days, sick days and holidays off so you can spend quality time with family or friends without worrying about taking unpaid leave.

Flexible working arrangements are another way we keep morale high among our team members. We know life is hectic sometimes which is why we offer flexible scheduling options such as telecommuting and job sharing when appropriate. This lets you manage your personal responsibilities while still getting the most out of your career here at Big Lots. With these great incentives in place no wonder people love coming back each day! Taking advantage of these opportunities will help ensure you have a rewarding experience throughout your time here.

Making The Most Of Your Career At Big Lots

At Big Lots, employees have the opportunity to grow and expand their careers in a variety of ways. With ongoing training programs and professional development seminars, employees can stay up-to-date on the latest trends while learning new skills. Additionally, many retail stores offer career advancement opportunities that allow employees to gain experience in different areas or move into leadership positions.

For those looking for more flexible working hours, Big Lots offers part-time and seasonal job options as well as shift work at certain locations. This allows individuals to balance personal commitments with their professional goals while still advancing in the company. Furthermore, there are even virtual opportunities available depending on location which provide remote access to exclusive resources like webinars and online tutorials.

Big Lots is committed to helping its employees achieve success by providing them with meaningful work experiences that help build upon existing skillsets and open doors to further growth within the organization. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of these resources in order to reach their fullest potential both professionally and personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Experience Is Required To Be Eligible For A Job At Big Lots?

One may wonder how much experience is required to be eligible for a job at Big Lots. As it turns out, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer; the amount of experience needed depends on the specific position you’re applying for. To illustrate this point: imagine two people who are walking down an unfamiliar street. One person might need only a few helpful signs and landmarks to find their way while another may require more detailed directions and maps before they feel confident that they know where they’re going. Similarly, different positions in Big Lots vary greatly in terms of what types and amounts of experience are expected from applicants.

Are There Any Part-Time Positions Available At Big Lots?

Yes, Big Lots offers part-time positions. They offer a variety of flexible opportunities to fit your lifestyle and career goals. You can find the perfect job by searching their online job board or visiting one of their store locations near you. Part-time employees may be eligible for certain benefits such as paid time off, discounts on merchandise, and more.

What Is The Average Salary For Big Lots Employees?

The average salary for Big Lots employees varies depending on the position, with wages ranging from minimum wage to over $20 an hour. Entry-level positions typically pay around $10 per hour, while experienced associates can make up to $18 an hour or more. Management roles tend to have higher salaries and bonuses as well. In addition, many stores offer benefits such as paid time off and discounts on merchandise.

What Is The Hiring Process For Big Lots?

Hiring at Big Lots is easy and efficient. The process starts with submitting an application online or in store, followed by a phone interview to determine the best fit for the position. After that, if selected, candidates will have a one-on-one interview with a manager where they’ll discuss expectations, skillset, and experience. Finally, if approved there may be additional onboarding requirements such as background checks and drug tests before getting hired on full time.

Are There Any Internship Opportunities At Big Lots?

Are you looking for an internship opportunity? Big Lots offers a variety of internships to gain valuable professional experience. Interns are given the chance to hone their skills in areas such as customer service, merchandising, operations and more. They’ll receive mentorship from experienced professionals and be able to apply what they learn on the job right away. Plus there are plenty of opportunities for networking with fellow interns and other members of the team. So if you’re determined to get ahead in your career, look no further than Big Lots!


Big Lots offers many opportunities for anyone looking to start a career. Despite the fact that each position has its own requirements and expectations, there is something here for everyone. From interns to full-time employees and part-timers too, Big Lots can provide you with the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking a change of scenery, Big Lots could be the place for you! So don’t wait any longer – take advantage of all they have to offer today and make it happen!

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